A “Game of Thrones” gift from the old gods and the new: Our first look at Season 7


(Credit: HBO/Helen Sloan)


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    The Season 6 season finale left us with a lot to digest about Jon Snow. It was a shocker (at least to me, a non-book reader) that Jon Snow is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, making him Dany’s cousin. I hope Season 7 cuts to the chase and makes this fact known so we can see the newly crowned King of the North team up with the Mother of Dragons.

    Bran had a huge comeback in Season 6 (well, that’s not too hard since he was completely absent in Season 5). I’m going to be honest, him being a “warg” and seeing through the eyes of his direwolf confuses me — and bores me — but without this, we’d never know about Jon Snow’s true lineage. The tragic death of Hodor left a hole in our hears that Meera can’t fill, but at least they have each other going forward in Season 7.

    Finally, a romance I can get behind. Brienne of Tarth looks striking — even from the back — while talking (more like sarcastically quipping) to Tormund Giantsbane in this promo pic. I can’t wait to see how the regal Brienne works — and flirts — with a Wilding.

    Despite The Hound having his peaceful life ripped from him by the Brotherhood Without Banners, by the end of Season 6 he has joined their plight to fight White Walkers in the North. Judging by this promo pic, he’s already reached beyond the Wall — little does he know the horrors that await.

    Oh beautiful, Missandei (not to be confused Melisandre, the lunatic Lord of Light worshipper). She looks beautiful as ever in a wardrobe à la the cold winds of Westeros. Question: how is it possible to spend weeks on a ship crossing the Narrow Sea and still have eyebrows that perfect?

    Season 6 transformed Arya from a blind-girl begging for food on the streets of Braavos to full-fledged assassin who avenges her mother Catelyn Stark by brutally murdering Walder Frey. She’s the character we’re all rooting for and hopefully this season she’ll team up with Sansa and Jon to finally have their revenge against the Lannisters.

    Oh boy, looks like we’re in for more Littlefinger and Sansa action in Season 7. I’ll be honest, despite Littlefinger giving me the creeps anytime he tells Sansa how much he loved her mother while simultaneous giving her sex-eyes, I can’t help but love their scenes together

    Ah, the Lannisters. Despite how malicious, how horrific, how almost pure-evil Cersi can be, her Walk of Atonement last season was sobering. The only person you love to hate more than the Lannisters is the High Sparrow, whose role in Westeros was too long and completely unnecessary. Now that wildlife wiped out all her immediate enemies (including the beautiful Margaery), we are left with an all powerful Cersi in Season 7. What could go wrong?

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